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Dean Ruby Sam

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3:46 - SPN 4x04 - Dean, Sam & Ruby "Anything you wanna tell me, Sam?"
Загружено 19 июня 2018
1:54 - SPN || Sam & Ruby / Dean & Lisa; "fighting 'till the end of my days..."
Загружено 1 апреля 2017
HD is your friend! :D"Don't wanna be rude but I have to. Nothing's good about the hell you put me through..."So what can i say I love this song...
3:33 - Whispers in the dark - Ruby, Sam & Dean
Загружено 23 сентября 2016
Song: Skillet – Whispers in the darkВидео представлено группой: » The Ackles Family • The Padalecki Family «
3:46 - Supernatural - Lose The Day [Dean & Cas vs. Sam & Ruby]
Загружено 6 октября 2015
Sam: "I don't want to hurt anyone else. I don't want to hurt you." Dean: "You won't. Whatever this is, you can fight it." Sam: "No. I can't. Not forever. Here, you gotta do it." [ ... ] Dean: "I can't. I'd rather die." - Born Under A Bad Sign Story: Dean can't believe that his Sammy has changed for good. He wants to kill Ruby, because she was occasionally one of the reasons that Sam eventually has changed the sides. Meanwhile he asks Cas for help. But can he really kill Ruby without beeing stopped by Sam?
4:53 - Supernatural - Dean Sam Ruby Story Part 1
Загружено 14 сентября 2015
I made my desicion to make a new Supernatural Video about Ruby and the Brothers. This is a Story i made threw. Sam and Ruby are together then Sam is unfaithful to Ruby and goes out with other girls. Ruby knows that and they got divorced. Dean want to make things right to bring them back and then he tells her her time with Sam. She dont know what to do. ___________________________ This is the first part of my Dean Sam Ruby Story. Hope you like it :D Song is Eyes on Fire from Blue Foundation
3:11 - I Don't Need You- Sam/Ruby/Dean
Загружено 6 января 2015
Ruby promised to help get Dean out of the deal... was she only using the boys and just like every other demon? Twisting the boys perspective to get what she wants? Or is she really different and wanted to help them? We may never know... NOTE: this is not an 'i hate Ruby' vid it kind of a... character study from the boys perspectives. Oh, and cw watermarks need to die... a slow and painful death Artist: Adema Song: Promises Clips:, and Disclaimer: Y
1:3 - L.O.V.E.G.A.M.E (Dean/Bela/Ruby/Sam)
Загружено 9 октября 2014
3:34 - Supernatural - Dean Castiel Sam ( Ruby Meg Anna Madison Jo)
Загружено 31 августа 2014
3:41 - Dean | Bella | Sam | Ruby
Загружено 17 июня 2014
3:54 - Sam | Ruby | Dean - Love story
Загружено 26 апреля 2014
3:41 - Dean|Ruby|Sam
Загружено 2 февраля 2014
1:31 - Ruby / Dean / Sam | Perfect Łie
Загружено 15 сентября 2013
3:57 - Dean/Ruby/Sam - Sweet Lies
Загружено 12 июля 2013
Here we go with a new AU video! STORY: followed season 3 and 4 plot, but with some changes. Dean and Ruby kept their relationship secret from Sam. But Ruby is a demon demons always lie. Enjoy! Comments are welcome as always! :) Download HQ: > DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or the song. Supernatural belongs to The CW and Eric Kripke. No copyright infringement intended. Just for fun!
1:4 - ۩ Dean/Bela/Ruby/Sam
Загружено 18 мая 2013
3:33 - Supernatural - Dean Castiel Sam ( Ruby Meg Anna Madison Jo).mp4
Загружено 23 февраля 2013
2:13 - Dean/Sam/Ruby-My Boyfriend's Back.
Загружено 28 июня 2012
Images-Supernatural Music-The Angels, My boyfriend's back I OWN NOTHING-All elements are the property of their respective owners. No harm is intended..
3:39 - Breakdown [Dean/Elle/Sam/Ruby]
Загружено 18 апреля 2012
ok, so this is really random, I don't really like to mix shows like SPN and Heroes coz I think that they don't go well together, for some reason. But I just had to do this one. And Screwithmyhead, this one is for you hun! Because you were my inspiriation while making this. *hugs*
3:47 - Supernatural - Lose The Day [Dean and Cas vs. Sam and Ruby]
Загружено 8 апреля 2012
fandom:Supernatural Song: Live free or let me die Artist: Skillet author:blackbetrayal08
3:42 - Dean and Bella Sam and Ruby
Загружено 11 ноября 2011
1:32 - Sam/Ruby/Dean ~ Perfect Łie ~
Загружено 11 ноября 2011
Song:A Perfect Lie (theme song) [Gabriel Dresden remix] - The Engine Roomfandom:Supernaturalauthor:luciaboros
4:6 - Supernatural - Dean/Ruby/Sam
Загружено 30 сентября 2011
3:7 - ..::Brianstorm - Dean/Bella/Sam/Ruby::..
Загружено 1 июля 2011
Hey!This is my first attempt at a video set to a faster song. The video is about how the girls in season 3 and the Winchester boys. I hope you enjoy it :)
3:45 - Supernatural - Lose The Day [Dean and Cas vs. Sam and Ruby]
Загружено 17 марта 2011
Риточка, кушай, не обляпайся))
3:55 - Dean/Ruby/Sam - Livin` In A World Without You
Загружено 12 января 2011
Загружено 26 декабря 2010
Песня: Skillet - Whispers in the Dark
3:55 - (Supernatural) Dean\Ruby\Sam - Living In A World Without You (The Rasmus)
Загружено 15 марта 2010
2:39 - infected (ruby w dean, sam, bobby) SUPERNATURAL
Загружено 20 июля 2009
3ий сезон Сверхъестественного
3:46 - Loose The Day [Dean and Cas vs. Sam and Ruby]
Загружено 26 мая 2009
автор: blackbetrayal08

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